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MAISON MOLINARD, from 1849 to today. It is a rare thing for a family business to uphold its exacting standards and maintain its original fervor as the decades pass. Yet, in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, five successive generations have made emotion their raison d’être. Having earned the nation’s highest distinction as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (“Living Heritage Company”), recognizing its rare and ancient savoir-faire, Maison Molinard continues to reinvent itself each passing day, forging a legacy in the fires of its passion for perfume.

LA CRÉATION DE PARFUM – PERFUME CREATION. A Molinard expert in perfume design interprets your fragrance dreams and helps you compose the perfect, personalized olfactory opus for you alone.

THEORY • Raw materials • Extraction methods • Perfume structure

PRACTICE • Personalized diagnosis • Essence olfaction and selection session • Developing the top/head, middle/heart, and base notes • Formulating the olfactory pyramid • Formulating the final composition in solution

Good to know


2 heures

Number of participants

Maximum 12

Spoken languages

German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

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Other information

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German on request

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Where the activity is taking place

  • 60 Boulevard Victor Hugo
  • Grasse

Public transport

Bus stop "MOLINARD" on Victor Hugo Boulevard

Additional location information

Exit 42 "Cannes/Grasse/Mougins" on A8 highway
Towards Grasse on D6185 road
Exit at "Grasse Centre" then follow the purple boards named "MOLINARD"

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4.8 /5

Global rating Quality/price - Fun

4.8/5 20


Global rating Quality/price Fun

We were a group of 3 winemakers from Napa Valley who are studying perfume as a hobby. Marie did a fantastic job walking us through the the foundation of perfuming. The organ that Molinard has is by far the most interesting that I have ever seen. Scents that I've never been exposed to, and the quality oand purity of these scents, simply amazing. While we all had an idea or inspiration of what we wanted to do, we didnt necessary know how our "blends" should pencil out. Marie very delicately and professionally helped us make our perfume. Its been a few weeks now, and I adore what we worked on together.

Uma experiência inesquecível! It was an unforgettable experience! Thank you and Congratulations!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I was very happy and I recommend everyone who has the opportunity to visit Grasse to make their exclusive perfume at Molinard. A friendly and attentive environment as well as very beautiful. An incredible and unforgettable experience!

A quintessential French experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I learned that Grasse was the perfume center of France when I was a teenager, just beginning to study French. It has taken me half a century to get here, but I have wanted to have my own unique perfume curated with the help of an expert perfumier since I can remember. The experience exceeded my lofty expectations. What a perfect French adventure! The two hour Prestige atelier is worth the investment of time and money. We were taken over to the villa next door to the showroom for our work session, which we had to ourselves. We were served champagne and macarons as we worked our way through an assortment of essential oils, sampling those that appealed to us. The three elements of the perfect perfume were explained to us: top notes, heart notes and base. Our perfumiere took our selections and helped us create our signature scent, which has captured all three elements in one generous bottle. I have named my perfume "Incontournable" and it is my most prized possession. When I need more, I can order it forever. I recommend this opportunity to anyone who appreciates the history and allure of perfume, which is as French as its language, food and je ne sais quoi.

Just perfect

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I absolutely recommend this workshop. With 2h and all the amenities included you can feel relaxed and enjoy a thoughtful evaluation of all the materials, otherwise it might be too stressing. Overall, the experience is absolutely enjoyable. Actually, you are provided with a rather big selection of notes, but the perfumist who assists you really knows how to get the most of your time. No need to spend time in dilutions ,everything is at edp so you can work directly with them. After selecting your preferred notes the perfumer will suggest you a number of possible combinations. That was impressive to me, as each one of them was already full of interest and personality. Finally you compound a well balanced perfume based on your chosen materials. 2 weeks after the workshop, the perfume turned out to be a favourite for me ☺️

must do if you are perfume lover

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Me and my sister created our own perfumes during private session at Molinard villa that is next to the shop and factory. Absolutely amazing experience and so special to walk away with your very own perfume (and celebrate it with glass of champagne in the villa gardens!). Next door museum is also worth the visit. Real history there going back more than 100 years.

A Highlight of our Holiday! Very smart ans interesting. Nice welcome and an ambiance worth the activity.

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I would recommend Thais Workshop everybody who is interested in parfume. You get Great value

Unique experience!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I enjoyed all aspects and had a great time! Marie is a professional who takes excellent care of guests. I will recommend the Atelier to my friends!

Unique experience!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great one of a kind experience! We had a fantastic, friendly and professional nose that helped us each create our unique scent.

Fantastisch & unvergesslich

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Eine unvergesslich und einzigartige Lebenserfahrung. Herzlichen Dank!

This was so much fun and a great experience to create our own signature perfume. There were 8 of us in our group and we all created our own unique blend.

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is visiting the Cote d'Azur area.

Extraordinary perfume experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We absolutely loved this private workshop where we created a custom perfume with expert guidance. The room where the workshop was held was beautiful. The woman who guided us in crafting our perfume was knowledgeable about the different notes and taught us which scents were complimentary. We left with the perfume of our dreams! I would absolutely recommend this as a must-do experience.

Once in a lifetime experience- loved it

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Did this with my husband and two kids aged 22 and 15. It was worth the money - only the 4 of us in the room with the lady (who is qualified with 3 years training and 5 years experience) which allowed us time with her to tailor our creations. I‘m glad we did this experience and not the cheaper one with 50 people. We all enjoyed the process, and learnt alot. FYI - we had visited the international perfume museum the day before and it gave us a greater appreciation and enriched this experience for us.

A perfect present for my wife

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The workshop was a suprise present for my wife as a birthday present. She loved every second of it and the perfume she created is lovely. Julian, her Perfumer, was fun, professional and the perfect host. Having recently completed treatment for cancer my wife needed a curtain amount of understanding and empathy in the process of creating her perfume as her sence of smell has been affected by the treatment. Julian was perfect in every way, helping my wife through the process. She loved it. The setting was wonderful, very relaxing and fun. SHe had a lovely afternoon and I would book the same workhop again without hesitation. Thank you Julian & La Villa Du Parfumeur!

Buyer Beware!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Don't waste your money! The product you will create isn't worth the money -- mine doesn't even last on my skin for an hour. You'd be better off just purchasing something elsewhere. There are lots of perfume stores in Grasse.

Very unique and fascinating

Global rating Quality/price Fun

In an old beautiful building, spend half a day with professional talking about there trade.

Excellent service and attention

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Very satisfactory experience, everything was perfect!

An Excellent Experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We had three people take a private lesson to make our own perfumes. The employee we worked with was great. There were a lot of interesting ingredients to work with and she patiently helped us create our unique mixes. Such a fun time and a one-of-a-kind souvenir to leave with. Had never been to Grasse or done anything like this before; would definitely recommend to anyone visiting the area!

A wonderful experience to cherish forever

Global rating Quality/price Fun

This was an amazing experience and I loved it. I would highly recommend this to anyone. A wonderful place with lovely staff in a beautiful setting. Thank you so much for the memory...and the perfume.

Magical experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I booked a special experience from Australia for my mums birthday, whilst they were in Grasse. The staff were divine and nothing was too much trouble. They looked after my mum and dad and gave them a truly personalised and wonderful experience. Thank you xxx

Ideal birthday present

Global rating Quality/price Fun

My wife loved the 2 hours of making her own unique perfume. Under the enthusiastic and knowledgeable eye of Paula, she was introduced to the art and science underpinning the skill of making a perfume. Choice of 100s of elements blended to make an individual creation, which can be reordered anytime in the future. Great success