Learn how to scuba dive in the emerald waters of the Mediterranean! With lessons and excursions for all levels and ages, this is a perfect activity for friends & family. Surrounded by beautiful islands, marine life and certified instructors, this once-in-a-lifetime experience can’t be missed.

Grab your flippers and oxygen tanks and get ready, get set… dive!

The Gulf of Fréjus / Saint-Raphaël is a diving site renowned for its beautiful sea beds and turquoise waters: see archaeological sites, shipwrecks, and a rich marine fauna and flora on your dive! Choose between beginner dives, snorkeling and advanced dives with experienced scuba-diving centres in Saint-Raphaël, Le Dramont and Boulouris.

Explore the best diving sites: “Pyramides du Dramont”, the “sec des suisses”, the “balise de la chrétienne”, the “péniches d’Anthéor”…