Gift yourself a buggy, quad bike or RZR ride !

A buggy ? What on earth is that ? Similar to a quad bike, a buggy is a 2 to 4-seater off-road motorised quadricycle, with a rigid framework, rims and large wheels. The body of the buggy is usually left uncovered so passengers can experience the full thrill of the ride.

Sat in your off-road vehicle, you can enjoy all the sights of the Estérel Massif, drive along the wild coves of the Corniche d’Or, or even head into the heart of nature in Pays de Fayence. Search through our selection of buggy rides below for the most suitable and adventurous outing you can find !

Don’t forget to bring your license with you ! Most buggies will require a license to be driven. If you do not want to drive but simply sit back and enjoy the ride, your guide will be your driver for the outing.

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3 résultats

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