Beginner Kitesurfing Training 5 Sessions 15H Saint-Raphaël


Kite Simulator
Kite Simulator


Your program :

- 1st 3-Hour Session on Monday at 9:30 am : Kite Simulator at sea with the boat, right foot (Learning to slide, Learning to water-start with the right foot, Discovering the Safety Systems of the helm, Towed swimming, Bodydrag)

- 2nd Session of 3 Hours on Monday at 13h30 : Same as Session 1, Kitesurf Simulator at sea with the boat, left foot.

- 3rd Session of 3 Hours on the Kite surfing spot of Saint-Aygulf on Tuesday at 13H30 : Use of the Kite Wings (2 Lines) (from the beach except July and August, and at the "nature base" of Frejus in summer), in the middle of the session you will evolve on a 4-Lines Kite Wing and learn how to control the "Border / Choquer" which increases its power. You will start launching into the water at the end of the session !

- 4th Session of 3 Hours at sea from the boat Wednesday at 13H30: Water-Start, First Steps, Training.

- 5th Session of 3 hours at sea, from the boat, on Friday at 13:30 : Improvement, rules and priorities, equipment management.

In order to get an optimal learning, we adapt to wind conditions, and this program may evolve over the week. The advantage of being out at sea with boats is that we are almost always sure to find wind by moving to magical spots like Cap Taillat, Pampelone, the Dramont, the issambres.

After this training course you can continue your learning with cards of improvement courses (to be taken according to your availability and wind conditions)

At the end of this training course you will be autonomous in Kite. CAUTION : Autonomous does not mean knowing how to sail, we strongly advise students to continue to improve within the Kite Club of Saint-Raphaël which provides supervised sailing for its members.

In case of total absence of wind during the week, which is very rare on our spot of Saint-Aygulf (with wind statistics up to more than 300 Days of wind greater than 15 Km/hour, which make it possible to fly kites), Sessions 4 and 5 will be replaced by Wake-Board or Wake-Surf sessions according to your wishes.

Good to know


15 heures

Number of participants

Quality course with a maximum of 4 students per instructor

Spoken languages

English, French

Included in the offer

Supervision and equipment

Important information

Do not present any medical contraindications.

Swimming skills

To take with you

Swimsuit, sunscreen, towel

Other information

Do not present any medical contraindications. Swimming skills.
Activity subject to weather conditions.

In case of total absence of wind over the weekend, which is very rare in Saint-Raphël, the 3rd session will be replaced by a Wake-Board or Wake-Surf session according to your wishes.


Proposed by

Kite Foil School

Where the activity is taking place

  • 120 place du club nautique 83700
  • Saint-Raphaël

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