At Estérel Aventures, we are committed to giving you a different and authentic kind of experience. Explore our programs and discover the Estérel Massif, the Corniche d’Or and many more incredible locations, all easily accessible from the Agay village.

Jérome, activity leader – Estérel Aventures

I want our visitors to have an exceptional time on their canoe trip, I want them to enjoy sliding over the water, admiring the shimmer of sunlight reflections on the river, surprising a heron taking flight, or a small turtle sunbathing on the shore.

Florian, director – Base du Rocher

I’ve nicknamed my bikes “smiling machines” because everyone comes back smiling! This isn’t just your everyday rental, this is a chance to have a fantastic time exploring the local area. My slogan? “Share, ride, dream” with friends, family and children from 1m35 and up to those 77 years old and older!

Dominique, guide – Moov’Bike

The children have a great time during the entire course, from beginning to end. They leave every class with big smiles on their faces, and they learn the first golfing movements in an amusing and playful way. For them, it’s really all about having fun!

Christophe, certified instructor – Golf de Valescure

We’re very lucky to be able to work in such a beautiful spot in Agay. Kayaking or stand-up paddling here gives clients a real feeling of freedom and well-being: they can sail over the turquoise sea with a direct view of the Estérel… it’s magical!

Christophe, instructor – Paddle House

Electric mountain biking gives you a real sense of freedom! It’s a lot of fun riding a bike in the mountains, especially with the kind of scenery we have here! I’m crazy about sport, nature, and the Estérel so don’t hesitate to come and visit us so I can show you what it is that makes us so passionate about the Estérel!

Yoann, mountain bike instructor – Passion Estérel

It’s really cool to be able to explore Fréjus and Saint-Raphaël, but also the beaches thanks to the off-roading! It’s a very user-friendly machine and you figure it out quickly, even if you have a bad balance! The guide is very friendly.

Diane (27) and Julien (31) – Segway

It’s fantastic! Between the turquoise Agay waters and the clear blue sky that day, we could’ve been in a film! It’s very refreshing (especially when you fall in) and not hard to get the hang of! You get to see a new angle of the landscape that surrounds us. A great experience.

Alexandra (34) – Paddle in Agay

It’s an amazing experience! We had very good weather conditions, the instructor was friendly and gave us great advice and tips throughout the trail. I was already familiar with the area but I was drawn in by the sustainable approach to the activity, which leaves no marks on the trail. You really get to connect with nature.

Noémy (22) – Via Cordata in Dramont

If you’re looking for a great time on the Côte d’Azur, come and try out Segway with me! It is very easy to learn how to use the machine and we will go and explore the Fréjus seaside, the town centre, the port… I love my job and sharing the sense of freedom and enjoyment I get from Segway with my clients :)

Daniel, Segway guide and instructor – Ecos Event Segway

C'était super ! Je ne pensais pas qu'on monterait aussi haut sur le Dramont, la vue depuis le sommet du rocher est vraiment magique ! Certains passages sont plus délicats que d'autres mais globalement la via cordata est accessible à tous. Notre groupe a évolué à son rythme sous les recommandations de Pascal, notre accompagnateur. Je recommande vraiment !

Antoine, 25 ans – Via Cordata au Dramont