Have a blast with friends or family this summer and rent a jet-ski to make the most of the heat, the water, and the thrills. Speed around a lake or on the sea and feel the rush of wind in your face: the perfect activity to cool you down while hyping you up this season.

Gift yourself an unforgettable jet-ski experience!
Get ready for a jet-ski adventure! Set off from Fréjus, Saint-Raphaël, les Issambres or Théoule-sur-Mer…and propel yourself at high speeds across the waves of the Mediterranean. There is something for everyone, from adrenaline-filled rides to laid-back trips along the coast. A jet-ski outing is the perfect opportunity to explore the coves of Les Issambres, the Gulf and the Cap de Saint-Tropez by sea.
You have 2 options when jet-skiing: a license-free rental (16 & older) or an outing alongside a state-certified instructor.
Reserve your 1 to 4-hour jet-ski outings today and discover the most beautiful sites of the Côte d’Azur by sea.
Thrills guaranteed!


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Jet ski tours - La Figueirette


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