Let’s suit up and load our weapon for a game of lasertag or paintball with family or friends! Feel the thrills of paintball or laser tag as you blend strategy, team spirit and precision for a great time in a friendly atmosphere!

Laser tag
Grab your infrared laser guns, split into teams, and go! For a fast-paced indoor activity kids love, try Laser Game: in complete safety, target members of the opposite team with your laser beams and rack up the points! Run, jump, dodge and feel like a real undercover spy…

Uniforms on, guns in hand… and have the time of your life at paintball!
Dressed in a uniform, protective jumpsuit, and full-face mask, you’ll be well-equipped to face off against your opponents with your paintball-loaded gun. This outdoor and group activity is played in naturally-preserved zones of the Estérel.


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Adult Paintball


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