Urban scooter rental



From Frejus, rent an electric scooter and discover the French Riviera.

Accessible to all from the age of 8. 2h of battery autonomy, the charger is provided for 2h, half-day, day or weekend rental.


Choose the electric scooter to discover or move around Saint-Raphaël, Fréjus or Pays de Fayence !

First of all, get used to the electric scooter before leaving to discover the most beautiful places on the French Riviera. You can rent for half a day, a full day or a weekend.

The battery integrated in the scooter (under the feet, the centre of gravity is very low, making the scooter very easy-to-handle) saves you of having to carry a battery on your back and having a cord-wire that connects you to the unit.

The scooters are equipped with a stand, a counter, a mudguard protection, and front / rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Accessible to all, starting from the age of 8 on junior scooters, and 12 years old for OnRide scooters (adults).

Strong points

  • Scooters with built-in batteries
  • Ideal with friends or family
  • Suggested itinerary according to the duration of the rental period

Other information

  • Mandatory deposit of 1000€ (Check or cash)
  • Starting from the age of 8 years old

Languages spoken

  • French



  • Helmets provided
  • Anti-theft device provided


Where the activity is taking place

  • FUNEDRIVE , 29 rue Louis Lépine, Zone Industrielle du Capitou 83600 FREJUS
  • Fréjus

Additional location information

Meeting point in our facility


From 27 29

From 34 35


Total access- Arena beach Perrin Lake