Speleology - La Mescla


Spéléologie Fun Trip – Grotte de la Mescla

"La Mescla" is a cave composed of small galleries. This activity, accessible from the age of 8, will take you to this mysterious cave. Familiarize yourself with this mysterious little labyrinth, tame it without difficulty and learn things while having fun !


Explore the underground cellars and discover a wonderfully preserved mineral, aquatic and biological envrionnement. This exploration activity offers you a scientific and pedagogical approach to cavities. You will then learn to recognize stalactites, stalagmites, draperies... as well as to interpret the colors corresponding to the different minerals that you will have the opportunity to observe.

This fun and educational course will make you discover what is hidden under your feet, whether you are learning about the environment or enjoying rappel descents (optional depending on the site) !

Strong points

  • Educational visit
  • Activity for adults and children
  • Ludic course

Other information

  • After you booked, we will confirm the availability within 24 hours
  • No charges will be taken if the activity is not available
  • Present directly your confirmation with your smartphone

Languages spoken

  • French


3 heures

To take with you

- Pair of trainers for the activity

- Pair of spare shoes

- Sweater

- Spare clothing


Where the activity is taking place

  • Chemin de la Confiserie, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France
  • Laragne-Montéglin

Additional location information

GPS coordinates: 43"43'43'09.76 "N.6"59'33.99 "E
(If you are using the Waze app, type : "FunTrip")