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Europlongée – snorkeling

Equipped with a wetsuit, a mask, a snorkel and flippers, navigate the Mediterranean fauna and flora with the help of an experienced guide.


Put on your free diving equipment (neoprene wetsuit, flippers, mask, snorkel) and navigate the water surface to explore and observe the rich marine fauna and flora right beneath the surface. 

Subject to your level and desire, try out freediving in a controlled and safe environment to the frequency, depth and duration of your choice.

The activity takes place in an area specifically delineated for underwater recreation.

Points forts

  • Water-based activity
  • Fun experience
  • Perfect for families

Languages spoken

  • French


3.5 heures

Nombre de participants

  • Between 1 and 30 people.

À prendre avec soi

Swimming costume and towel. 



Snorkeling equipment and guide.


Where the activity is taking place

  • 2170 Route de la Corniche, 83700 Saint-Raphaël, France
  • Saint-Raphael

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