Perfumer Workshop - Fragonard Les Fleurs - GRASSE




This worshop allows you to create a unique fragrance with notes of citrus, aromatic and orange blossom depending on your taste.

The workshop is led by a teacher and lasts around 1h30. You will enjoy a guided tour of the location (around 45 minutes).

The workshop features

  • History of the perfumery, origins of the raw materials

  • Essences used by a "nose"

  • The fragrance pyramid: head, heart and base notes

  • Sensory and olfactory memory development

  • Customization of your Eau de Cologne with 9 essences 

Also included is your customized creation in a 100ml spray and a diploma signed by the teacher.

Good to know


90 minutes

Spoken languages

English, French

Important information

  • Children from age 10 to 12 years are under sole responsability of a paying adult.
  • All persons present in the classroom must reserve and pay for entry.
  • Non paying attendants are not allowed to enter the classroom.
  • Reservation through internet only and according to the dates open (weekly)

Other information

  • We will welcome you to the factory Fabrique des Fleurs located at 17 route de Cannes 06130 Grasse
  • No charges will be taken if the activity is not available
  • Present directly your confirmation with your smartphone
  • Please make sure to be there 10 MINUTES PRIOR to the beginning of the workshop
  • For your comfort, the workhsop will start sharp on time and no one will be able to access the course once it has started

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Where the activity is taking place

  • 17 Route de Cannes
  • Grasse

Public transport

Train SNCF from Nice/Cannes to Grasse
From Grasse train station to the factory "Fragonard La Fabrique des Fleurs": bus n°5 (bus stop Les 4 Chemins)
From Cannes train station to Grasse "Fragonard La Fabrique des Fleurs": bus n°600 (bus stop Les 4 Chemins)

Customer reviews - 60 comment(s)

4.7 /5

Global rating Quality/price - Fun

4.7/5 60


Global rating Quality/price Fun

The workshop was very informative and also fun. Unfortunately, the few essences available were not what we had hoped for. For our taste, other aroma directions were missing to create a personal perfume.

J'aime les parfums et les Odeurs de Fragonard depuis des Années et c'était très jouette de jouer avec les fragrances et évelopper un propre parfum

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I liked all It was a little bit complicated to book. At least I wasn´t able to fill in my country correctly, but it is not really important. YES I do !

very good

Global rating Quality/price Fun

liked the workshop all was well organized will recommend to friends

Molto interessante

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Il workshop è stato molto interessante e piacevole. La vista successiva alla fabbrica è stata altrettanto esaustiva e godibile. Non si può non acquistare un profumo alla boutique ????


Global rating Quality/price Fun

I organised this experience for my family and it was so much interesting for all of us. I would definetely recommend it.

Great experience and so much fun!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I attended the Perfumer Workshop together with my 14-year old son during a short vacation in the Provence. Not only was it very good opportunity to brush up our French, but also to get some basic knowledge about perfumery. We could mix an eau de cologne and adjust it to one's personal preferences. Even if it might not be the most ground-breaking olfactoric compositions, we were quite satisfied with the results, which made a very personal souvenir to take back home. We really enjoyed it and would have loved to spend even more time there.

Great experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We enjoyed the workshop given by a professional expert, who gave coherent and interesting facts about the characteristics of scent and perfume creation. We’d definitely recommend participating this workshop.

Made my day!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I loved this experience. I was expecting a little history lesson and a chance to do a light craft but this was half a day of full on perfume learning. The workshop at the beginning was the perfect mix of history, the economics of perfume, and hands on learning with our own oils. The tour after was fun and all the staff there was so nice. The overall vibe was great and the experience is well worth the trip to Grasse and the money spent


Global rating Quality/price Fun

Wonderful class! Full of fun while learning. Amazing educator, lovely classroom set up, and take home goodies are a beautiful reminder of a well-spent afternoon. Highly recommend!

My first Parfumer workshop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I liked it a lot!

Fun fragrance class

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I loved the opportunity to work with experts in the field, though I found the workshop quite basic and the quality of the fragrance we produced very low. I’d say more designed for fun than actual perfume learning atelier. We were told that we were creating a cologne or an eau the toilette but the fragrance does not last over a minute… sad Would have been nice to work with different notes even if maybe more complex for a basic workshop the overall of the visit and discoveries about fragrances, soap and cosmetics was great. Thank you team


Global rating Quality/price Fun

Everything was wonderful! The class, the store, even the receptionist. Of course, our teacher, Diana, was knowledgeable and ever so perfect! Olga Smoot

A passionate team

Global rating Quality/price Fun

My partner and I had a wonderful time at the workshop. The experience was enhanced by the knowledge and passion of the teacher.

A fun and unique experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Really enjoyed the workshop - really nicely done. It would have been great if the tutor had the time to come round each person to help blend scents as, despite much tinkering, mine didn't smell much different from the base. But it was good fun and very insightful. Thank you!

4 stars

Global rating Quality/price Fun

hello thank you for asking my opinion every thing was o.k., I had a lot of fun negativ point: Mrs. Michelle.. gave tooo many details about history and making perfume, so the theory part was tooooo long!!! for the work-shop 1 1/2 hour was previewed, we had 2 1/2 hours (also because people came to late and Mrs. Michelle start to explain again from beginning) ..So all in all we had for about 10 minutes time to mix our perfume, that is way to fast to mix e perfume. I also was disapointed, that so many ingrediences where previewed from Fragonard. Citrus is not my favour flavour... So as facit: When people come to late, I wouldn't let them go into the class after 5 Minutes, it disturbes to much. History and incrediences of perfume is very interesting: more time please for how the ingrediences smell, to know how to mix the personal perfume. Way more time and possibilities of ingrediences to mix the personal perfume (for example 3 bases of mix, before starting the personal mix) Less history of personal career of Mrs. Michelle and little more understanding from her site for questions. She reacts with a taste of snobby, when questions were asked. Of course for a professor of University it's a little boring. So I think, a Professor isn't realy what is needed: someone passioned in the theme of perfume could certanly do this job also well or better

It‘s OK

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We missed more essences- just the fruits one and Lavendel and Rosmarin - in total 9 Essences. We would like to have as well some flower and others (herbes).

Great experience.

Global rating Quality/price Fun

It was very enlightening and absolutely brilliant. Loved the tutor lead session.❤️

Fun and informative

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Diane was an excellent trainer. Informative, funny, easy to understand. Great value for the cost as you learn a lot and receive a 100ml bottle of perfume. Would highly recommend!

Very enjoyable and informative

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Very dynamic and information

A wonderful way to spend s as n afternoon

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Our workshop host was very engaging, funny, knowledgeable and friendly. She made the whole experience really enjoyable. There were several nationalities in the group and she managed to engage with all of us, even the more challenging ones amongst us. I learnt so much and found it really interesting. I would recommend this workshop to everyone.

Fragonard Workshop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Diane is a gem! Witty and wonderful elocution. Makes for an entertaining workshop

Awesome experience!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great value, great fun, and an incredibly unique experience! My only wish was that this workshop was slightly longer to allow for more time to create the eau de parfum.

Maravillosa experiencia

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Me encantó la experiencia, aprendí mucho y disfruté. Nuestra perfumera fue un encanto siempre pendiente a todos. Todo un acierto. Lo recomendaría a cualquiera que pase por la zona.


Global rating Quality/price Fun

Bellissima esperienza!

great workshop, everything else solala

Global rating Quality/price Fun

First of all a sincere compliment to our teacher! She showed amazing skills (re)introduce us to the world of scences. Also her communication skills and name recall was was above expectations. For creating your own fragrance your are giving 9 scences. I understand that we are not given the best qualtiy of scences but the scenes we got were so much diluted that the aroma does not last longer then a hour. Unfortunately the factory tour was a dissapointment. The tour guide seemed more annoyed than anything else. The tour was much shorter then stated (max 15 min.) and it is not a lot showed of the factory and the processes. (the describtion does not fit the reality) In the end it was focused on selling us their products and even there i did not feel welcomed. I did a workshop by another company in grasse aswell. The teacher of fragonard did a way better job. For the other aspects i must say that this wokshop did not have the same qualitiy as the other one.

If you are in Grasse a must do!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Thank you very much for that great and informative experience.

Fantastic worshop!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great experience to share with my teenage daughter. We learnt a lot from the instructor who was very knowledgeable and obviously loves her job.

Top Price-Performance Ratio

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I liked the workshop a lot! It was such an incredible and unique experience! Although, I wish I could have had some more time. 1-1 1/2h wasn’t quite enough for me. The tour through the factory was nice but kinda unnecessary. It lasted only like 10 minutes or so. All in all, I would definitely recommend this workshop. You learn a lot about fracturing your own perfume and it really brings joy!

Great experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We got an introduction of parfum making by a real expert. I am not such a parfum person, but I enjoyed it a lot, smelling the different ingredients and remembering emotions connected to a certain smell. Putting the received knowledge into practice by creating once own parfum was an absolut highlight.

Toller Workshop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Die Lehrerin des Workshops war sehr zugewandt und offen und hat auf sympathische Art und Weise von unterschiedlichen Düften erzählt mit viel Möglichkeit zum selbst Ausprobieren. Am Ende erhält man ein tolles selbst kreiertes Parfum plus Schürze und einem Diplom. Sehr empfehlenswert!

Charming and fun experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The woman who actually led the perfumer workshop was absolutely charming and engaging. She did a nice job greeting everyone, asking where everyone came from, and then explaining the background behind perfume oil and the job of a "nose." She gave some fascinating tidbits and I really enjoyed her portion of the workshop and clear instructions. Similarly, the woman who led our tour was very knowledgeable and shared information clearly. The only suggestions I have to improve the experience would be: offer at least bottled water to participants on arrival, offer a photo op or self guided activity while we were in the waiting room, and be a little less heavy on the sales push at the end of the tour. The tour was also much more brief than I hoped and I would've liked if we were at the old factory site to see the historic factory and methods of extracting perfume oil. But overall, it was a very nice experience and I'm pleased I did it with Fragonard.

Super Erlebnis!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Der Kurs war sehr beeindruckend! Viel Wissen wurde auf eine sehr eindrückliche Art vermittelt. Die Referentin wusste absolut worum es ging. Hat viel geholfen und gezeigt. Hat super Spaß gemacht! Sollte man unbedingt Mal machen! Preis-Leistung absolut empfehlenswert!!!!


Global rating Quality/price Fun

We liked everything about this workshop! Everything was prepared absolutely perfectly, we felt very special.


Global rating Quality/price Fun

I was disappointed with the experience. I listened and was very engaged, but there wasnt very much to learn. We had 3 base perfumes and then six additional types to layer on, but my perfume (and my two sons' and husbands') all turned out bad. There wasnt a lot of instruction. I dont feel like I learned very much. Also the women who worked at the facility were not very friendly. Overall a negative experience.

Fun and exciting "get to know how" activity for anyone! :)

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We absolutely had a fantastic time during the workshop :) The teacher was amazing and was a 70% of a fun and success. We loved how she taught the course and involved everyone to participate. 30% of fun was absolutely handled by the crowd. We had an amazing team who were making a lot of jokes and having fun. Perfectly suitable for any age and fun even for those who does not understand much about perfumery. Amazing service and value for the money, since you get a 100ml own perfume bottle, a pouch, an apron, a certificate and enormous amount of fun :) Tour of the facilities was also nice, we saw how people were working there and got to know more about the production processes. One thing we did not like is how "commercial" it was and how guide "forced" us to go to the shop and try/smell some things. Felt a little bit "cheap" and unnecessary, since we would have come to the shop anyways and purchased something!

Great workshop with Diane

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The workshop with Diane was amazing . Not only that she’s full of knowledge ( a walking encyclopedia), but also very funny ???? She took all the time to explain us the ingredients , let us smell and tell our opinion , so the workshop was very interactive, which I loved . I could have listened to her for ours , she’s amazing . The tour that I had in the factory/museum in Grasse on the same day ( 24 June ) was done also by an amazing lady , too bad I don’t remember her name cause she was also amazing ( dark hair up , around 50 years old ), full of knowledge and had all the patience in the world , answering all our questions while showing us the factory . These 2 amazing ladies have made my experience at Fragonard wonderful .

Great fun

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We loved this workshop. Our ‘nose’ spoke beautifully and really had us thinking about the qualities of each scent. Blending the perfumes was huge fun and we now have a full appreciation of the effort that goes into producing perfume.

Fantastic Perfume Work Shop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Diane was an awesome perfume workshop leader. She was engaging, fun, and informative. I loved to watch her smell the perfume sticks and comment on the smells. My daughters and I found the workshop to be very interesting. Perfume-making is complex!

Absolut empfehlenswert !

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Eine sehr vergnügliche und lehrreiche Veranstaltung mit einer äußerst charmanten und kompetenten Professorin, die ihre umfangreiche Expertise auf unterhaltsame Art präsentierte. Alle Produkte machten einen wertigen Eindruck und wir gingen mit einer Tasche voll Produkten und einer Menge neuen Wissens aus dem Workshop. Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße an das Team!

The workshop was amazing! Highlight of our trip.

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We had an amazing experience making our own scent. It was the highlight of our trip. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the class was set up so it was easy to do, you learned new things while creating your perfume and ended with a quick, but very engaging tour. Love that its still a family owned business dedicated to sustainable sourcing and the environment while making it super affordable and high-quality! And - that three women are the CEOs. :-)

Great experience!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

During this workshop you will basically create an eau de cologne, but the experience overall is very nice and is really worth the price. We had a great time!

A sensory delight!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I absolutely loved this workshop! The focus is on appreciating the complexity of the 'essence' and giving you an insight into learning to really appreciate the scent. We create a cologne that comes in a lovely bottle. Our teacher was a highly experienced 'nose' so I really felt I learned something. I went to both main brand workshops - they are both very different in their approach and both very good. For me, this one was my favourite. I shall always remember it!


Global rating Quality/price Fun

We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Both the instructor and our tour guide were knowlegable and amazing sources of information.


Global rating Quality/price Fun

Eau de toilette seems like it is mostly alcohol. You can't smell it after about 10-15 minutes. The scents offered were mostly limited to citrus. If you like citrus, you might enjoy. If you like flower scents, musk, vanilla, etc., forget it. They don't offer these. Would have been nice to know beforehand. After the workshop, we were greeted by a disinterested clerk with a hard sell to buy the more expensive perfums.

Un po’ dì delusione.

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Il workshop a Fragonard era l’evento principale della visita a Grasse e siamo rimaste un pochino deluse. Abbiamo potuto realizzare unicamente una eau de toilette con pochi componenti base a disposizione, una cosa ben lontana da un profumo personale da poter riordinare.


Global rating Quality/price Fun

Absolutely it’s a great experience

Super nice workshop with Dianne

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The teacher took time to explain everything perfectly comprehensible. The work of a scent specialist could be felt. It was lots of fun and super interesting. The visit of the factory was also nice.

Fragonard workshop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The workshop was really fun, we had great time. The perfumes turned out wonderful.

Kann man machen…

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Die Workshop Leiterin war sehr nett…da es auf englisch war konnte ich nicht alles verstehen, aber sie hat es sehr gut rübergebracht. Leider ist mein Parfüm, welches man selbst erstellen konnte nicht gut geworden und hält auch nur 2h ca auf der Haut, wenn überhaupt. Der Preis pro Person (69€) war dafür viel zu hoch! Ich hätte gern noch mehr über Tipps und Tricks gelernt, wie man riecht, wie lange Parfüm etc. hält usw. Der Preis war meiner Meinung nach zu hoch und die Öle die man für das Parfüm nutzen konnte leider nichts meins.

An activity you will remember

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Booking is easy, finding the place is easy, the stuff is nice and the activity is so so much fun. I could do it again!

Wanna learn more about fragrance

Global rating Quality/price Fun

It is very interesting and fun

Parfume with heart&soul

Global rating Quality/price Fun

It was a real pleasure to do this workshop. Far away of marketing and ad‘s about Fragonard itself. We made a fantastic experience by creating our own fragrance. Diane was so nice and fun but always focused on explaining all about natural ingredients and the information we needed. You will recive more than you can imagine! Thanks a lot to the full service team of Fragonard you are doing a great job. We didn‘t had the feeling of being tourists we felt as guests of your house!

Nice experience.

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Very friendly and kompetente Kursleiterin.

Nice but ...

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The activity was nice and interesting but overpriced because the teacher was not helpful I was there with my 12 years old daughter that needed some advice and the answer was just :”as you like “ with no explanation Be more friendly , people will love it

Amazing experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Very nice experiece, very good teacher that explain a lot about perfumes

great experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Everything was great!

Fragonard perfumer workshop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I enjoyed the workshop. Instructor was very knowledgable. Though the perfume me and my daughter made was very different than regular perfumes. We ended up buying perfumes from the factory. Factory perfumes were great.

Excellent experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

It was an incredible experience - to create my own parfum. With a professional teacher, funny stories and 9 fragrances the time flew rapid. Also in point of COVID safety the Organisation was excellent!

A Scent to Remember

Global rating Quality/price Fun

What a wonderful experience it was! Diane our instructor was the perfect elegant French Lady you would expect giving you a class on perfume in a perfect English with a lovely French accent. The class is well done. You feel like your own little "nose" preparing your Eau de Cologne. The personalized Certificate with a Fragonard apron, and a cute little fabric pocket to carry your creation are all very lovely and add to the charm of this experience.

Amazing experience!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I learned so much! It was amazing to learn about the role of the Nose and to see her in action, how she was so connected to her body that it allowed her access to such information about the different aspects of each scent. I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in understanding the perfumes they are wearing!