Parcours aventure - La Moulière




Located in the vicinity of Grasse, fully immersed in nature, head to the Arbre et Aventure park to spend a joyful and exotic time with friends and family. This is the perfect place for exciting activities for all ages!


5 trails are available depending on your age and skill level
The trails are 100% secure, it is impossible to fall down
Up until the age of 16, the presence of an adult is mandatory!

Blue Course :  suitable for children aged 4 to 6 at most.
Ideal for the little ones who would like to discover this activity with various passages, including barrels, the toboggan and of course, the wonderful Antho cabin! 
This course takes place at a height of 1 metre from the ground.

Violet Course : From 7 to 16 years old. Fairly simple and accessible course.  

White Course : 12 years and up. Includes: monocycle, large netted crossings and a 10 metre-high base jump (not obligatory)!

Red Course : 12 years and up. This course includes two zip-wires of over 250 metres in length accross the valley and a tightrope. 

Gold Course : 12 years and up. Multiple workshops, including a slackline, a fake Tarzan, and a 25 metre-high ladder! 

Black Course: 12 years and up- the most athletic course! Guaranteed thrills!
This course includes a Giant's swing, anchors, a Quick Jump leap at the end, hanging ladders and BMX!

Points forts

  • Different trails for all agesImmersed in natureGuaranteed thrillsPicnic tables

Autres informations

Reservation: remember to reserve your time slot on your day of choice.
We remind you that in the event of rain and/or strong winds the park will be closed. 

Languages spoken

  • French


Where the activity is taking place

  • Caille

Additional location information

The park is located in the station.