License-free boat rental




Each rental includes a detailed map of the rocky creeks and fishing exclusion zones, as well as of the shelters to be used in the event of a storm not predicted by the weather forecast. 

All of our license-free boats are equipped with motors of 5 to 6 hp, as permitted by maritime law. 

Boats are fitted with sun-awnings, in an open style.

Each boat features a cockpit with a steering wheel and an electric start with an ignition key (new in 2017).

Good to know


3 heures / 4 heures / 2.5 heures

Number of participants

The boat is for 1 to 5 people (up to 6 people if 4 adults and 2 children weighing under 40kg each)

Spoken languages

English, Spanish, French

Included in the offer

Boat rental
Navigational map 
Life jackets 

Important information

Cette activité est adaptée aux personnes présentant un handicap physique (sourdes et muettes).

To take with you

500€ deposit (in cash) and proof of identification are compulsory

Have your mobile phone charged and with you at all times during the boat rental

Other information

Arrive 30 minutes prior to the departure time for the briefing
Provide the 500€ deposit and an official identity document 
Ensure your mobile phone is charged
This activity is subject to weather conditions, and can be rescheduled or cancelled. 

Where the activity is taking place

  • Allée du Castellas
  • Saint-Raphaël

Additional location information

The location base is located below the railway line along the bank of the Agay river.

Customer reviews - 2 comment(s)

Global rating Quality/price Fun

5/5 2

Nice and easy Boat Rental

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We had a wonderful day on the water. the boat was easy to handle and the explanation clear, however the English of the personnel isnt great which made it a bit difficult here and there. Overall a positive experience. Def recommend!

Great fun

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great fun!