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MAISON MOLINARD, from 1849 to today. It is a rare thing for a family business to uphold its exacting standards and maintain its original fervor as the decades pass. Yet, in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, five successive generations have made emotion their raison d’être. Having earned the nation’s highest distinction as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (“Living Heritage Company”), recognizing its rare and ancient savoir-faire, Maison Molinard continues to reinvent itself each passing day, forging a legacy in the fires of its passion for perfume.

LA CRÉATION DE PARFUM – PERFUME CREATION. A Molinard expert in perfume design interprets your fragrance dreams and helps you compose the perfect, personalized olfactory opus for you alone.

THEORY • Raw materials • Extraction methods • Perfume structure

PRACTICE • Personalized diagnosis • Essence olfaction and selection session • Developing the top/head, middle/heart, and base notes • Formulating the olfactory pyramid • Formulating the final composition in solution

Good to know


20 minutes

Number of participants

Maximum 4

Spoken languages

English, French

Important information

Age of the child and language

Other information

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German on request

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Where the activity is taking place

  • 60 Boulevard Victor Hugo
  • Grasse

Public transport

"MOLINARD" Bus stop

Additional location information

Exit 42 "Cannes/Grasse/Mougins" on A8 highway
Towards "Grasse" on D6185 road
Exit at "Grasse Centre", then follow the purple boards named "MOLINARD"

Customer reviews - 17 comment(s)

4.3 /5

Global rating Quality/price - Fun

4.3/5 17

OK but not wow!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We chose this activity as our grand daughters were both in the age bracket 4 and 7. It was a bit awkward to begin with - no explanation or introductrion and no advice as to what the adults should do. An adult was really needed to help each child especially with the pipetting of the different perfumes -it was quite difficult to pipette up the correct volumes. I did not think the instructor was that good with children and there wasn't any education -just smell and see what you like! But the girls enjoyed it and each had their own different bottle of perfume to take home - of which they were proud! The take home bottles are attractive.

Highly recommend

Global rating Quality/price Fun

My kids(9, 7 years old) loooved this workshop and told me it was the best thing during our trip to southern France. I selected this workshop as others were too long for my kids. It was the best choice for my kids and watching the workshop was also interesting for me. Thank you!!!

Very enjoyable!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

My daughter (6 years old) had an excellent time at Le Petit Parfumeur workshop. She was able to make her own perfume and she was made to feel very special! I would definitely recommend this experience.

Excellent activity with my 3YO

Global rating Quality/price Fun

If you are looking for a fun activity with your toddler, I definitely recommend this class! The class was age appropriate and the instructors were great! My little one loved it and it was one of the highlights of our trip!

Fun to do

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Good and friendly guidance. Nice excursion for my daughter. She still enjoys her homemade perfume every day!

Kids are very happy with their perfums

Global rating Quality/price Fun

I read so many mixed reviews and in the end I was not sure if it was a good choice. Workshop started little later as planned, my two kids 9 years old and 5 years old paticipated. They needed to evaluate different frangrance samples and then build up own. The lady , who made an effort to speak italian with them, was very nice and helpful. In the end kids created beautiful perfumes (in a very nice bottle). The workshop I find rather for smaller kids (I think 9 years old could do something more advanced, but my daughter was happy with the result and making). Overall I would recommend fully this experience.

Disappointing Experience; Poorly Executed

Global rating Quality/price Fun

My husband and my daughter attended this workshop that I booked for them to enjoy together. Upon arrival, they were greeted but once they said they were there for the Petit Parfumeur Workshop all the staff looked displeased. They were told to sit at a child's table but no one explained what to do or came over to help them. Finally, after multiple times of asking what to do, someone left the regular perfume workshop and came over and gave them a quick explanation, but then offered no follow up help or actual instruction. The employees were all curt with my husband and daughter and my husband said "they just seemed annoyed we were there." If Molinard doesn't want to offer a children's workshop, then why do they put it on their website and let people pay for it? Two stars for fun factor b/c my daughter was just excited to be there and have other kids. She ended up loving the perfume bottle she came home with, but the experience was severely lacking and disappointing.

Unforgettable for the wrong reasons

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We booked kids perfume workshop for our 2 daughters - it was a birthday treat for our 9 year old who was celebrating her birthday that day. We made this clear when we arrived. The set up of the room and the process looked very professional and we had expected a fun and unforgettable experience for our girls and our family. Unfortunately the Molinard consultant named Paola spent the entire time talking to us and paying very little attention to our kids. She complained about her boss being mean, the French economy and basically non stop about herself telling us her personal problems as opposed to focusing on the perfume workshop. To prolong the experience for our daughters my husband and I booked ourselves in for an adult perfume workshop hoping this will give our daughter more time to enjoy her time at Molinard. But instead there was more chatting from Paola and very little focus on the perfume. There were several groups in the room with us at the same time and she was splitting her time between other clients which made things worse. The instructions we received were to choose scents we liked however it ended up creating a combination which I didnt like. I expressed my concern to Paola but she assured me I will like it once I leave and that my nose is probably too tired to smell it well. In the end, I walked out with a fragrance which I would never wear and wasted a lot of money on. I dont recommend this experience at all. We hoped to have an unforgettable experience and learn about perfume making and not to listen to Paola's personal problems. All in all, a ruined birthday for our daughter and a waste of 196 euros.... It will be remembered for the wrong reasons.

A lot of fun

Global rating Quality/price Fun

We liked the workshop teacher (Paola) and how she interacted with children. Smelling 12 fragrances was really nice for the children, chose 4, and really made their own perfume with it. My daughter had a lot of fun will always remember her first own perfume. It would be nice to have a record of the “recipe” such that we could order it as well in the future.

Perfect for kids

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great experience! Our kids had individual attention. It was the perfect length about 40 minutes. The kids were thrilled to have their own perfume! It was the highlight of our trip!

Children’s Workshop

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great children’s workshop. The kids loved picking out their own fragrances. They had even more fun decorating the bottle and carrying it their bag. Thank you so much! I have two friends visiting from the States that have already signed their kids up! Fun experience.

awesome experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

my son loved it and is very proud of his perfume

Atelier intéressant

Global rating Quality/price Fun

L'atelier de création petit parfumeur est intéressant. Dommage que l'encadrant c'est occupé de 3 stages différents en même temps.

Fantastic experience

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great experience about the history of parfum making

Loved this kids activity!

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Superproud of their perfumes. Kids aged 5&7.

Professionell and fun

Global rating Quality/price Fun

Great fun and proud to have produced an own flavor and Parfum

Excited kids

Global rating Quality/price Fun

The girls loved their perfume making experience. Our host was delightful and allowed the girls to be as indecisive as they wanred. They felt they created their perfume. They would have been happy making perfumes for the rest of the day.