The perfumers' workshop Grasse


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Smell, dream, design your own custom perfume at our historic mansion. Try your hand at the perfumer’s subtle techniques and discover the architecture of a scent, the ingredients that compose it, that complement or contrast with one another, as you create your perfect perfume. A superb sensory experience that can be tailored to all fragrance fans of any age, individuals or groups. 90 essences, 1 hour, 50 ml


MAISON MOLINARD, from 1849 to today. It is a rare thing for a family business to uphold its exacting standards and maintain its original fervor as the decades pass. Yet, in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, five successive generations have made emotion their raison d’être. Having earned the nation’s highest distinction as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (“Living Heritage Company”), recognizing its rare and ancient savoir-faire, Maison Molinard continues to reinvent itself each passing day, forging a legacy in the fires of its passion for perfume.

LA CRÉATION DE PARFUM – PERFUME CREATION. A Molinard expert in perfume design interprets your fragrance dreams and helps you compose the perfect, personalized olfactory opus for you alone.

THEORY • Raw materials • Extraction methods • Perfume structure

PRACTICE • Personalized diagnosis • Essence olfaction and selection session • Developing the top/head, middle/heart, and base notes • Formulating the olfactory pyramid • Formulating the final composition in solution

Points forts

  • Guided tour of the factory included
  • Diploma
  • 50ml bottle
  • Free car park

Important information


Autres informations

Portuguese, Spanish and German on request

Languages spoken

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese


60 minutes

Nombre de participants

  • Maximum 20



Where the activity is taking place

  • 60 Boulevard Victor Hugo
  • Grasse

Public transport

Bus stop "MOLINARD" on Victor Hugo Boulevard

Additional location information

Exit 42 "Cannes/Grasse/Mougins" on A8 highway
Towards Grasse on D6185 road
Exit at "Grasse Centre" then follow the purple boards named "MOLINARD"

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4/5 42

Beautiful experience!

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It was really beautiful experience, and I have totally unique souvenir from Frnce - my very own perfume!

Nice experience

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I enjoyed my time at Molinard creating my own bottle of perfume. I did arrive ahead of my scheduled time, but I was able to get in early. I believe Paula explained things and helped me out (I apologize if that wasn’t her name, as she was delightful). I had fun and highly recommend this!!

Wonderful time making perfume!

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What a fun experience!

What a great opportunity!! Highly recommended experience.

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My husband thought of and arranged this unique appointment mid-May during our trip throughout Provence. Met with Justin who was simply lovely to learn all about customizing your perfect one of a kind perfume from testing of about 100 scents that you respond well to. He was highly knowledgable, patient, and easy to understand and comprehend his shared knowledge from years of perfume making expertise. Follow his steps and he won't let you go wrong. I have to say I LOVE my new custom perfume. I think my husband enjoyed watching the learning, narrowing down, and then the assembly process equally as much as I enjoy getting compliments from friends and coworkers who admire and inquire about my new scent I got to take home. I'll certainly order more of my new scent that they now have on file for me in years to come. Would return and do this all over again without hesitation. This experience and fun memory is worth much more than the price of admission. GO!

Unforgettable experience

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This is the second time I attended this workshop at Molinard with Gabi and I must say it is a unique creative experience. You are provided with a vast range of quality materials, and guidance from the perfumeur but also, you get the chance to let your creativity fly. The perfume I created is absolutely wearable and compares to those on the high street. They also keep your formula so that you can reorder later. Have a nosy around in the shop afterwards, Molinard has some real gems to offer!

I recommend to everyone

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I made the 1 hour cours and I'm so happy that I've booked it. Great expirience and how wonderful to have my own individual perfume with the essences I like. Booking on the website of Molinard was very easy and the instructur Julian was very friendly and helpful. I really recommend to everyone to make this expirience.

Perfume creating

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Wonderful experience in Grasse, will recommend to my friends back in NZ

Perfume, history & fun !

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My husband and I both enjoyed the afternoon at Molinard. We did the tour which is full of information & history. We also did the custom perfume class which was great & worth the cost.

Lovely perfume making experience

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We loved our guide Julien, who helped us craft our own scents, layer by layer. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves perfume.

Amazing Experience

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Coming to Molinard was such a fun and unique experience during my trip to the south of France. Booking was easy, and I was even able to start early (as I arrived a bit early). The professional nose who helped us was entertaining and educational. He was so helpful in creating my own personal scent, which I really do love so much.

Great experience

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Making your own parfum was a great experience. Kind people who knows what they were doing.

Experience surprenante et enrichissante

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Activité à faire seul, en couple ou avec les enfants. Vous découvrez les secrets de la création d’un parfum et créez le votre avec l’assistance d’un responsable de Molinard. Se laisser aller à la recherche des senteurs de base qui vous inspirent pour ensuite les combiner et en faire votre parfum personnel. Le prix du stage équivaut au prix d’un flacon d’eau de parfum de 50ml et vous repartez avec 50 ml d’eau de parfum de votre composition. Comme votre formule est conservée, il vous est possible de recommender votre parfum à tout moment. Je recommende cette expérience unique à tous le monde.

Lovely experience, highly recommended!

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After taking a fascinating tour of the Molinard factory, a friend and I arrived at the perfume-mixing lab for our hour long workshop. Our instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. She explained the process of mixing scents together to form a perfume with top notes, heart notes and base notes. I am generally not someone who wears much perfume, but at the end of the workshop we all came away with a beautiful glass, spray bottle of our own personal scent. I like it so much, I am actually wearing it nearly every day. It was great fun and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in something different from the ordinary. There were even men mixing scents during my workshop!


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I came back twice already to create my own personal perfume out of 100 ingredients...lovely! So interesting and nice people helping you how to do it.

Lovely experience

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So easy to book online before travelling to France. Great to learn about the different processes in making a fragrance. Julian was very patient and helpful. Would highly recommend if you love fragrances.

All my favourite scents into One

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I love the idea of creating own perfume. Paula is very nice and very helpful giving suggestions on my creation. Excellent experience!

Personal Perfume Making Session

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Our overall experience at Molinard was wonderful! Melanie was our lead and she was so warm and personable that it made the whole experience fun and worthwhile! We booked online the same day - super easy! I would definitely recommend.

Great morning

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Loved the Personal one on one experience. Never felt rushed. Definitely a must when in the area. A great introduction into the world of perfume.

A really fun experience!

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We had a really enjoyable afternoon making perfume at Molinard. Our hostess, Paula was absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and so patient with us. Thank you Paula, it would not have been the same without you.

OMG, The best!

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My niece and I created our own perfume with Melanie and she was just wonderful. In fact the whole Molinard experience was! we booked it online above 12 hours in advance and had no idea what to expect. Melanie was so knowledgeable and helpful. We loved every minute of it. The only nice little touch would have been if we could have named our own perfume! We decided this was the highlight of our trip other than spending time together.

Unique and happy experience

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Like this activity lots and will definitely recommend!

Great experience, will probably do it again.

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Booked this activity to do together with my sister-in-law, as a present. But I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Booking was fairly easy. Everything was as expected, even better than expected. We liked the setting, and the activity instructor was very good and good fun too. Good value. You get to bring your own perfume home. I definitely recommend it.

Fantastic experience

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This was a 60th birthday present to myself and it was worth every centime. My already high expectations were exceeded. The range we were offered was beyond extensive and Mélaine our workshop leader guided us through to the process with patience and good humour. Her knowledge and expertise allowed us make a genuinely worthwhile product and my daughter and I were giddy with the whole experience. I would highly recommend this as a family, individual or even hen do activity. Afterwards we took the tour and the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. Doing the workshop gives you a 20% discount on Molinard products. Thank you Mélanie and Molinard.

Very informative and good course

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I like the workshop very much. The booking was very straightaway. I will highly recommend this workshop to others. However I don’t think the children’s workshop is of as good as the adult one’s. It could have been a bit more fun with other children.

Fantastic Experience

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I had a wonderful time learning about the history of Molinard and having the opportunity to make my own custom perfume. What a unique experience! An easy day trip from Cannes. While you're in Cannes be sure to check out the historic part of town and the cathedral.

Amusing and informative

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I liked everything about it. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and it was great fun to get the smallest glimpse into how the parfum-making process works. I would absolutely recommend this. You walk away with an entire bottle of parfum in the end that you created!

Amazing afternoon at Molinard in Grasse

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Absolutely LOVED the whole experience. What girl doesn’t want to make her own perfume? Highly educational and entertaining, and felt like royalty. Also love that I can reorder my perfume anytime and the recipe will be kept on file for me. Would do it again!

Visit to grasse

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I went with my son. We loved the whole experience. The staff were lovely, helpful and we felt very welcome.

One of most amazing experiences in south of France

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Very friendly and professional, the host of workshop was fantastic ! Thank you for this experience that we shared with all our family.

Perfumed fun

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Really enjoyed my hour under the patient guardianship of Julien who very patiently guided me through the process and answered all of my many questions. I was the only person who had signed up for the course but it still went ahead anyway! It was great!

What an experience - A MUST in the south of France!

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For me it is the second time to do the L'Atelier de Parfum Workshop and it's always a pleasure to come to MOLINARD. For the creation of 50ml eau the parfum and a 1h workshop with introduction in the world of parfum the price value of €69 is more than fair. Despite the workshop, the store in the MOLINARD condo is really a shopping-paradise. I love the products! Not only the perfumes are HEAVENLY, but I like the 24 beauty collection too - the hydration creme is just AMAZING! Would recommend a visit for shopping and OF COURSE a workshop to experience the production of a perfume. Everything is easily to book online. See you next year!

i am fascinated

Note globale Qualité/prix Fun

i felt very good supported by monsieur Julien. the essences were very good in their Variety. i like my perfume very much and the best of it is !!!! , that i can order it again. and so will i do soon. a difficulty was to recognise the right amount of essence in the Pipette. i tried to be carefully but it was hard to see the mark of 1/2/3 ml. also i regret that i did not write down the formule of my perfume. on my diplome there is only the Name of the essences. i hope when i reorder it, i will get the formule and can give it a Name. all in all, i am very satisfied about the experience and when i come once more to Grasse, i will make it again and all my Friends, i hope, will do it also

An amazing perfume!!!

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I enjoyed it very much and I would highly recommend it to everyone..

Great experience in Short Time

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It was a wonderful experience to make my own Parfum. I had no idea but while trying I found a great one for me. It was very interesting to get to know the details and differences of the essences. Therefore I would wish more time to get more information before making the own Parfum to be not so under stress while finding and preparing it. Maybe a little seminar of 15 minutes before the workshop would minimize the questions and time stress which occurred. I would recommend this experience to everyone who is interested in good Parfum!

A lovely experience.

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It took a while for us to actually get into the activity but once in, it was a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend this as an experience during a visit to Grasse. I created a perfume that was individual to me and that I think I will continue to use and it was an experience that I will treasure.

A unique and fun experience with a little bit of learning

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I knew nothing about perfume, but the staffs' explanation was good and simple, so I enjoyed the time there! I was not supposed to try all the scents, but I did by curiosity! After selecting the flavors, the staffs helped me if the mixture was good and also helped me with the blending. I really like my perfume and use it on my scarf once a week!

Perfect Experience!

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I would recommend this experience to everybody who likes fragrances! Very friendly and well trained consultants! An interesting and very amusing hour!

Unique experience in the Perfume Capital of the World

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While on a three day trip to Nice, I made it my mission to visit Grasse (the perfume capital of the world). In my research about Grasse I found that I would be able to make my own perfume (Dream Come True.) I went forward with booking online with Molinard due to its open availability although it was the most expensive among the other perfume houses I researched. Once there it was a bit unorganized with where to exactly check in for the class but once I was seated at the class every thing went smoothly. I took my perfume making very seriously and the instructor while thorough was often pulled in other directions to lead other classes that were going on at the same time or translate. I had a good experience here however I would have appreciated a more personalized experience for the price I paid.

Fun to do your own parfume

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Good expertise

Wonderful experience

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Highly recommended. A really fun as well as interesting experience. I would do this again.

Great experience!

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Thank you forum this beautiful experience! I enjoied a lot! And so Happy to have my personal perfume!


Note globale Qualité/prix Fun

highly recommended