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Join the family, or friends, on two captivating adventures: one that will take place in the cave of Baume Obscure and the other along a circuit traced in the forest. In the cave: before the departure a facilitator will put you in condition in the "Géodôme" (semi-spherical structure) with the projection of a small film inspired by Jules Vernes' novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth". He will then assign a mission to children and adults, explain the course of the game, give the safety instructions and coordinate departures. A document in the form of a parchment will be provided beforehand with map, drawings, photos and texts. The treasure hunt will consist of finding clues, solving puzzles, may be to flush out, depending on the season, strange and mysterious beings. Throughout a course laid out and secure 700 m long and 60 m deep you will enjoy musical and light entertainment highlighting the most beautiful parts of the cave.

Back on the surface, around a table, you will find the location of the treasure chest and the combination of letters, numbers or symbols that will open it. You can then access the reward!

In the forest: the walk and the game can be done before or after the descent into the cave. Along the forest route you will have to search and count the animals that hide there. You will also have to solve puzzles and find the necessary clues to access the treasure!

Good to know


3 heures

Number of participants

Groups of 2 to 15 people at each departure (departures every 30 minutes for the cave and every 15 minutes for the forest)

Spoken languages

English, French

Important information

Covid 19 : en raison des mesures de prévention sanitaire  nous vous rappelons l'obligation de vous présenter sur le site avec un masque et de le mettre dans les zones où le port de celui-ci est obligatoire (masques en vente sur place en cas d'oubli).  Du gel hydroalcoolique est mis à disposition  là où celui-ci est nécessaire  ( + 2 lavabos avec savon pour se laver les mains).  Afin de respecter une bonne distanciation physique entre les groupes (familles ou groupes d'amis) et profiter au mieux de l'activité  il est impératif de respecter l'heure de votre rendez-vous . Nous vous conseillons d'arriver au plus tard 10 minutes avant l'heure prévue.

To take with you

Non-slip shoes. In summer, warm clothing (14°C underground all year round). In winter or between seasons: dress according to weather outside (in the cave: no rain, no wind, no snow or ice!)

Other information

During dry periods, because of the high risk of fire, especially in summer, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the forest.

Where the activity is taking place

  • 2600 Chemin de Sainte-Anne
  • Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey

Additional location information

At Saint Vallier de Thiey take the direction of Saint Cézaire (D5). At the end of the village turn right (Chemin de Sainte Anne - sign "Souterroscope" clearly visible), go past the Intermarché and continue straight for 2.5 km to the underground parking of the cave.


Treasure hunt in the forest - Promo

Treasure hunt in the forest - Promo


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Audio-guided tour of the Obscure Baume cave

Audio-guided tour of the Obscure Baume cave


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Visit with treasure hunt in the cave - Promo

Visit with treasure hunt in the cave - Promo


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