Live Escape Game - Fréjus




Have you heard of the group activity breaking new ground in France? It is called the Escape Game, and in it you'll have to rack your brains to solve different enigmas to escape the room.


Get ready, get set, go! You have 60 minutes to solve all the enigmas as a group and get out. You will be locked in a room with a certain gaming theme (pirates, knights...), and you will have to use your brainpower and your team spirit to escape as fast as you can.

Points forts

  • A good idea for any time of year (even in bad weather)
  • The first Live Escape Game in the eastern Var
  • Two different gaming experiences
  • Perfect for family and friends

Important information

Pour toute réservation, la confirmation du créneau horaire vous sera confirmé sous 12h max (sauf réservation de dernière minute)

Languages spoken

  • French


1 heure

Nombre de participants

  • From 2 to 6 participants


Where the activity is taking place

  • Active Escape 19, Place Dei Doufin
  • Fréjus

Public transport

Agglobus, Line 6 (Saint-Raphaël centre towards Fréjus Port)

À proximité

From 27 29

From 13 15


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